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I Can Read My First
by James Dean

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It’s a nice book to start with toddlers. Pages are colorful with pictures and short sentences.

The Brightest Night Wings Of Fire Graphic Novel #5
by Tui T Sutherland

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The book was very interesting. It was scary at times but very entertaining. Also the book had a lot of suspension because it was the last book is the dragonet prophecy.

Fablehaven Book 5
by Brandon Mull

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Intriguing, and fascinating story with plot twists that builds excitement. A great page turner book, recommended for the people who see the world a different way.

Mouse house hunter
by Elisabetta Dami

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A amazing book about how Sally, The daily rat's author, spreads fake news that the Rodent Gazete is bankrupt. The main part in this is that he has to sell his comfy house to someone he hates, but does not know who till the end!

Come As You Are By Emily Nagoski, Ph.d
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Excellent read! I wish I'd had this when I was younger. The science is fascinating.

Nightingale Book Kristin Hannah
by Kristin Hannah

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So so

Not Like the Movies
by Kerry Winfrey

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A cute coffee girl love story!

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
by Jeff Kinney Books

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Diary of a wimpy kid big shot is an amazing book. I like how it is first point perspective.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea Book
by Jules Verne

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In 1866,a large monster believed to be a narwhal was found at sea.French biologist arena was invited to participate in the hunt.But a submarine of fantastic construction.

A Little Bit Country
by Brian D Kennedy

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Here are my Top 5 Reasons to Read A Little Bit Country: 1. Honestly, I was hooked at that cover. It's so beautiful and technicolor and I knew I had to play homage to it with a Book Look 2. This book is queer AF and so lovely and a must read for your Pride Month 3. One of the kindest things in this book was how it handled being queer in the south and the different layers of being Out. 4. I also loved the exploration of country music in this book. How it delved into the stereotypes and both the greats and the flaws. How it wasn't just one thing and how with new voices and new perspectives it could be even better. I grew up in Texas where everyone listened to country music and it kind of made me hate it but I've come around in the last few years thanks to the new voices and looking beyond the stereotypes. 5. This was a multifaceted book and I loved all the little layers and side stories. One of my favorites being the sort of delving into the past and learning about Wanda Jean and Verna Rose. That was fascinating. Loved those bits especially. Overall this is a solid debut and a welcome edition to any reading list and I look forward to more stories from Brian D Kennedy in the future!