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Winnie The Pooh Complete Collection


Icky Little Duckling
by Steve Smallman

Nice little story with all the duck pictures my toddler loves.

Not Quite Narwhal
by Jessie Sima

Very cute new take on unicorns with nice moral and pictures.

I Am Malala Young Readers Edition
by Malala Yousafzai

I think this book was definitely one of my all time favorites its so amazing to read and it was like being there with Malala and the hard times she went through I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Always And Forever Lara Jean
by Jenny Han

LOVE THIS SERIES! Can't wait to watch the movie!

King's Cage Victoria Aveyard

Didn't meet my expectations. Pretty slow at the beginning.

Precalculus Demystified
by Rhonda Huettenmueller

I'm almost finished!

Writing Skills Grade 3

It's good to have friends.They help you feel well when your lonely.My friends are Link,Beth,and Sally.Sally is my best my friend.All of us try to behave so she doesn't separate us.Its hard to behave because Beth always be funny.That's when the teacher separate us.

Judy Blume
by Superfudge

I liked this book. Fauntastic

Judy Blume
by Superfudge

Funniest book

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
by John Boyne

It is a very interesting plot based on the Holocaust about a young boy finding a friend on the other side of the fence. It shows how the Holocaust even took a toll on the children at the time.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Books

read book for 1 hour


reading python for 1 hour

Writing Skills Grade 3

Dear Annie, Today I fall of my bike while I was riding it on a rough track.First I cried.Then I was worried my bike was broken.Dad checked if my bike broke but he said it was alright.He made me sit so the pain could cool down.After all I was fine.Some time later I asked dad if I could ride my bike again.He let me.I was also glad my dad telling me every time to wear my helmet and knee guards! Please send me a letter of your vacation. From, Stacy!

Writing Skills Grade 3

Let's learn how to make scrambled eggs! 1. Take two eggs so you could crack the on the saucepan. 2.Add a teaspoon of butter and some milk. 3.Ask an adult to turn on the hotplate for you. 4.Use a wooden spoon to scramble the eggs and burst the yolks. 5.Keep mixing as they are cooked.It will be ready when its not runny anymore. 6.add some salt and pepper.Now its ready to be eaten.
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