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The Initial Insult
by Mindy Mcginnis

Book was good but at some points felt like it was dragging.

Don T Tell A Soul
by Kristen Miller

Loved the book. Captured my attention from the first page. Could not put it down.

Mrs Watson Wants Your Teeth
by Alison Mcghee

it is a funny book very funny:):):):):):):):):):):)

Roar Of The Thunder Dragon
by Tracey West

The baby lightning dragon has been kidnapped! Lalo was taken by Griffith's first dragon master, Eko. This powerful enemy wants to kidnap all the dragons in the kingdom.

A Place In The World
by Malcolm Frierson

It was not bad. It was written by a North Lake College professor. He did really good with the story. I read this for a History class

If Beale Street Could Talk By James Baldwin
by James Baldwin

Saw the movie but had to read this for English. It was interesting and a bit sad. Worth to read!

Trevor Noah Born A Crime
by Trevor Noah

Worth the read! Very funny and interesting!

What Was D Day
by Patricia Brennan Demuth

It was a great read !! Wow .. what a planning and management to make D day happen !! At the same time it makes me feel bad that during war we lost so many lives and resources .

Dogman Brawl Of The Wild
by Dev Pilkey

It is about dogman going to jail, his friends helping him to rescue and getting his job back..

The Gingerbread Pup
by Maribeth Boelts

Nice Story where Evalina got a friend through gingerbread pup, and gingerbread pup got a friend through Ruffle.
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