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Pete The Cat Books
by James Dean Pete The Cat

Liked it

Far From The Tree
by Robin Benway

great book! wonderful characters

Camping With Unicorns
by Dana Simpson

I love this book series. These fantasy books let me know that imagination is everything.

Classic Poetry An Illustrated Collection
by Micheal Rosen

This splendid collection of poetry includes works by William Shakespeare, Henry Wadsworth, Longfellow, Emily Dickinson, Carl Sandburg, Langston Hughes, and thirty-three other celebrated poets. Enhancing the reading experience are biographical sketches, information on individual poems, and notes on poetic forms.

The Sign Of The Beaver
by Elizabeth George Speare

A stunning book that includes a meeting of an American boy and an Indian boy.

A Kids' Guide To Manners
by Katherine Flannery

I like this book because it teaches all sorts of manners in very simple and funny ways. It provides a solution for any situation and being polite at the same time.

by Madeleine Roux

A good, scary read. Ghosts and madmen are a nice distraction from the plague going on in real life.

by Meredith Rusu

It was asome because the legos tride to save their home their city and theyr pkace and they didit

The Selection Book 1
by Kiera Cass

One of the best fantasy books I've ever read!!! So good and I can't wait to read the rest of the series :)

I Am A Human
by Susan Verde

I like it, it teaches about being good.
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