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Theres A Fly Guy In My Soup
by Tedd Arnold

Its about a fly guy going inside a soup, the boy's dad, mom and fly guy were going to a hotel, They went to their house and dad said the hotel was out side then mom said it was at down stair, dad said fly guy can not eat inside and then fly guy outside found a trash can a puddle and found a sticky spot. then he went inside the hotel trash can. But he didn't find anything to eat. In chapter two he smell some thing so he followed that smell and saw the food inside but the fly guy was messy so he went into soup and they carried the food to a lady. When she was taking the spoon and eating food she saw flyguy, every thing was going every where, observe everything was messy.

Katy duck flower girl
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Its about wedding, Katty duck went for weeding. there she was a flower girl, emmitt was going to be the ring person. Katy said that dress was not with flowers Mrs Duck said flower girls don't need flowers on their dress. and she said you have to toss flowers on the wedding. then she wore the dress and emitt was giving the ring to Ella. then katy was throwing the flowers in the wedding and danced.
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