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How To Test A Friendship The magnificent makers
by Theanne Griffith

This book is so good. It is about Pablo thinking that Deepak is gonna make Violet Not Pablo's best friend. I love this book.:)

Goosebumps Download And Die

The art style was nice and the story was good. I'm a big goosebumps fan so I liked this a lot.

History of Tennis

It was interesting to learn more about tennis. The way it has evolved over the years and the athletes who have helped shape it.

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas
by John Boyne

I enjoyed comparing the book with the movie. The movie was rushed and the book provided more detail.

Who Was Books
by Various Small Books

I enjoy reading Who was stories to learn about historical figures.

Has the Code of the Zodiac Killer been cracked
by Brandon Schillemat

I learned that if somebody tries really hard they can crack a code that people could not crack for over 50 years.

Things Seen From Above
by Shelley Pearsall

April, an 8th grader, is wondering about a new student at her school— Joey.

by Robert Hoge

This book was AMAZING! It showed the pain, the joy, and the hardship a disabled person has to live through. It is so well done! Totes recommend it!

Anna of Green Gables
by L.M.Montgomery

A beautiful story about an imaginative orphan girl named Anne who finds a home in Green Gables. A classic that will help you see the beauty in everything, just like Anne.

5 Minute Stories
by Disney Books

Nice book
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