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Bread And Jam For Frances
by Hoban

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I love the Frances songs and how she is a picky eater than at the end she tries new foods and likes them.

Child's Play
by Danielle Steele

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A very slow-paced yet predictable story. Very redundant and I found it non-believable considering the protagonist was so progressive in her personal life.

Be The Best You Can Be - Chicken soup for the soul
by Amy Newmark

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Today I read the chapter "doing what is right". My favorite story in that chapter was the sweetest thing ever. In that story a little girl named Felice found a $20 bill and gave it back to its owner knowing that it would be good and it would make her feel good and the person who the money belonged to. This is a very inspiring book for kids and preteens. I learned you can make a very big difference by doing what is right.

cam Jansen books 10 - 21
by David A . Adler

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these books are so short and so mysterious cam Jansen uses her photographic memory to solve mysteries

Mr. Granite Is From Another Planet
by Dan Gutman

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this is very funny! hahahahaha! I give it five!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bear Came Along
by Richard T Morris

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beautiful art work and a sweet message

Far From The Tree
by Robin Benway

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great book! wonderful characters

The Sign Of The Beaver
by Elizabeth George Speare

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A stunning book that includes a meeting of an American boy and an Indian boy.

I'm Like You, You're Like Me By Cindy Gainer
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Excellent book for toddlers displaying diversity!

The Lost Hero
by Rick Riordan

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The book is very interesting for people who like adventure and fantasy but make sure to read the previous books before you read the lost hero by Rick riordan

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